Friday, November 14, 2008

Election Results

I have had a hard time swallowing the fact that Obama is our President-Elect. It turns my stomach to think of a man like him holding that kind of power. The timing of the election with the miscarriage is making it extra difficult for me, and it's been a struggle to not take it personally. Knowing that so many people bought into the "change" he promises, all the while completely ignoring or, even worse, supporting his views on the sanctity of life... it just breaks my heart. There are people close to me, even in my family, who I know voted for him. And I consider a vote for Obama to mean that they don't value or respect the life that Jared and I lost. As much as we are grieving over not being able to see our baby be born and grow up, the Obama supporters turn their noses in the air and say, "Your baby just isn't that important. What concerns me most is how much I will have in my bank account next year."

On Sunday our pastor gave a wonderful much-needed sermon on the "Right Responses to Questionable Leaders". I really needed to hear it and am trying to apply the principles on which he spoke to my life. I'm struggling to get past the anger and bitterness. If anyone is interested in listening, the audio version is here. It is the 11/09/2008 sermon and you can either play it from there or download it onto your computer. I know God is sovereign and works all things out for good, but I am struggling with the fear of what will be done over the next four years under Obama's hands.


Carrie Mullins said...

I am sickened by Obama as well. America has really done it this time. Well, we just have to keep trusting in God and taking it one day at a time. He will take care of us.