Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome to Our World

I've been meaning to start a family blog for a couple months now and have finally gotten around to it! Since most of our families and friends are outside of Jacksonville and neither of us are good about calling people, this will be a good way for us to keep everyone updated on all that's going on in our lives.

The family picture at the top is from a few weeks ago when our church, Grace Community, had its "Parent-Child Dedication". In all of our cheesiness we (Jared wants to clarify that "we" means "Brittany") thought it would be cute if we matched, so we're all wearing green and my blouse was the same material that Charlotte's adorable little outfit was made out of :) Cheesy? Yes. Adorable? You betcha!


Anonymous said...

Hey Brittany!

Thanks for sharing this. I am excited about finding out what my not-so-distant cousin has been up to. :)


Unknown said...

Hi Brittany! I loved reading your blog. You did such a great job creating your family page. So fun to read.
See you Friday. :)